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      MP MAGIC Giza86 Luxe Sateen Bedding

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      Rich and lustrous

      MP Giza86
      Luxe Sateen Sheets

      700 thread count for your sweet dream.

      100% Egyptian cotton

      Egyptian cotton is well known as the finest and the most expensive cotton in the world, and what we use is Giza86. Only about 10% of the Egytian cotton in the market is Giza86.
      It is hand picked which guaranteed the highest level of purity. With Egyptian cotton, you will experience the unbeatable softness that last for years.

      Single-ply VS. Multi-ply yarn

      A single-ply yarn is made of one long thread.
      A multi-ply yarn is made of multiple twisted threads.
      Some companies use cheap multi-ply yarns and count each individual thread. That's why their sheets are less breathable and uncomfortable.
      Here at MP Magic, we use single-ply yarn, which ensures both high thread counts and a lightweight layer.

      700 single-ply thread counts

      We only use single-ply yarn because it produces the finest, strongest threads and results in light, soft, yet extremely durable sheets. Usually multi-ply yarns are made from shorter, weaker fiber which are twisted together to create a false strength. A thicker and coarser fabric is resulted due to the short fibre poke out of the weave.